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The 12th Month ...

As December begins, I’m reminded that this is the 12th and final month of 2022.

Wow! This realization causes me to pause and reflect on a few key questions.

How is it possible that 2022 is almost over? Where did those other 11 months go? Is time speeding up in my world? How do I evaluate this year, and did I accomplish all I aspired to?

While I know that time is not speeding up in reality, life does appear to become more hurried, full and complex each year. It feels like only yesterday that the COVID pandemic interrupted how we work and interact, and changed so many facets of our lives. The ramifications of this pandemic are still reverberating around the world. Its arrival sparked debate and caused divisions that are still present today. Schools, the work world, the workforce, shopping and commerce – and just about everything in our daily lives – were altered and continue to evolve today.

If, like me, you sometimes feel overwhelmed by these changes, you’re not alone. The changes that have taken place since 2020 are undeniable. The feelings we experience are a natural byproduct of events we have lived through. What is not a given, however, is how we deal with our feelings and move forward.

Reflecting on all of this led me to write this blog post, perhaps the most important one I’ve ever written. Read on – and let me know what you think – about the seven things below I know for sure!

  1. Life is short, precious, fragile and uncertain. Do not wait for tomorrow; there are no guarantees. If you’re not in the right job, find a new one. If you have something to say to your loved ones, say it now. Want to complete your bucket list? Go for it! It’s your life and your destiny to control.

  2. Don’t waste time on unnecessary drama. If you find yourself in drama – leave. Quit participating in drama, gossip or activities that waste your time, your resources or your mental well-being. I’m being extremely selective with my time and talents these days! I will keep my drama to the theater and literature!

  3. Get healthy. Walk, eat better, take your vitamins, get that check up! Protect yourself and your ability to have a good life. No one but you can control this aspect of your life. If there are things you want to do and you have the stamina and gusto, get out and do them!

  4. While work is important (you’re hearing this from a woman who is very passionate about her work!), it’s only one aspect of your life! Don’t make it your entire life. Everyone is replaceable.

  5. Make relationships matter! Spend time, talk to, connect with and do whatever you can to foster the relationships you wish to have with family and friends. Don’t assume they know you care. Don’t assume they know how you feel, or that you know how they feel! Time is the most precious gift you can give. Undivided personal attention is a game-changer in life! Use the holidays and the new year to rekindle and reconnect! Then keep it going.

  6. Use the good china! Don’t wait to enjoy whatever is precious to you. This year, I drug out all the Christmas decorations and we’re going to use good china, drink the best wine we have and enjoy the NOW!

  7. Make a difference in your world. This may be my most important point. Do not wait for “someday” to do what you are called or want to do! Someday is today! Coach, mentor, teach or make your contribution to our world in your own way. If you have talents, share them. My way of making a difference in our world is to inspire and empower leaders! This relates to my work, my employment, my writing and even the book and podcasts I am working on.

I want to contribute and make an impact. I’m not called to be an actress, to sing, to paint, to become a politician, but I am called to communicate, inspire and empower. What are you called to do?

All of this brings to mind one of my favorite terms: “mental floss.”

It’s the idea that we can hear or read something that causes us to rethink, ponder or consider something new or different. It’s an idea that’s been good for me. After all, I want my thoughts to be clear, and I want to keep my mental vision unobstructed and open to opportunities. I hope this blog can be your mental floss.

Life is an amazing journey. It’s time to embrace what we have, what we can do and what we want to do rather than becoming bogged down by the challenges. If we change our perspective, we really can change our world!

December, here I come! 2023, look out! The best is yet to be!


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