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First Quarter Review ...

As March flies past, we’re headed to the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Wasn’t it just January 1st yesterday? Didn’t we just have our kickoff meeting? Is time speeding up and we’re unaware of it?

I’m fascinated by how we divide our lives into units of time – minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters and years! We take our personal and professional lives and reduce them to calendars and planners that guide our daily existence. We plan for holidays and vacations with the same intentions as our daily work. We take personal, family and business obligations and try to fit them all into our digital or paper planners!

Which brings me to the saying about “the best laid plans.” No matter how carefully, faithfully and dutifully we try to schedule and keep ourselves moving, our plans are often derailed – and sometimes without warning!

Many organizations plan their years by quarters.

March 31 ends our first quarter. This may mean that you had quotas, goals or expectations for the first three months that need to be completed. At this moment, you may find yourself in a variety of situations.

  1. You’re on target. Goals and quotas are met and you’re at the top of your game! The stars aligned and your work is paying off.

  2. You’re meeting many of your targets. You see progress and, while not yet 100%, you feel good. You’re hopeful you will either make it by the end of the month or are in close contention for success.

  3. You’re behind. Despite your best efforts, personnel issues, customer needs or other challenges have presented themselves and you’re not where you want to be. As a matter of fact, you may be anxious and struggling. The last few weeks are finding you working more and trying like crazy to catch up.

  4. You’re not going to make your target. You know it and recognize that you cannot meet the goals and quotas. You find yourself in fix-it mode, trying to maneuver around the reality.

If any of these sound like you, I totally understand. I have met goals and quotas, and I have missed the mark in the past. I loved the successes and I sweated the failures. I cursed my inability to get it all done and wondered how the heck I ended up in this situation! Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s time to do a first quarter review.
  • Not just a look at whether you met business or organizational objectives and goals, but a good, hard look at your life?

  • Did you prioritize your health and wellness?

  • Did you do anything to keep yourself fit and strong?

  • How is your sleep, nutrition and overall physical condition?

  • How is your family and personal life?

  • Are your relationships in order?

  • Are you spending your time and energy where it matters?

  • Is your family a priority?

  • Are you participating in personal activities that bring you joy?

  • Are you presenting yourself in a positive light?

  • Is your attitude positive and encouraging?

  • Do care about your appearance and your behaviors?

  • Are you taking care of your personal business and finances?

  • Are you a role model?

  • In the workplace, are you giving it your best?

  • Are you focused and directed?

  • Are you paying attention to the details and the people?

  • Do you give yourself time to plan and think?

  • Are you empowering yourself or hindering your success?

  • Do you feel good about what you’re accomplishing?

"Now, our employers care most about our targets and goals."

That’s understandable. But it’s up to us to care about all of it! I truly believe that when you care as much about yourself and your personal priorities as you do other things, it empowers you to do better work and encourage others!

Spending some time in reflection and review can change the trajectory of your life and your career. It can enable you to create the life you want, and to realistically meet your obligations in the workplace and at home.

The best part about a first quarter review is that we still have three quarters ahead of us this year. Time to learn, grow, advance and create the life and career we want!



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