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Meeting with

author & guru

Patrick Lencioni 

   As a lifelong student of leadership, Molly has always been fascinated with successful organizations and executives. How to create effective and efficient organizations that produce results and create positive cultures was an ongoing interest.


Meeting with

friend & author

Mike Dooley

Leading from the Center

   During research during her doctoral program, Molly conducted research and case studies of successful organizations to determine what factors contributed to their success and could these factors be replicable in other organizations. From her study of literature and field research, she developed a concept that is at the heart of our work- Leading from the Center.

   Leading from the Center is the principle that addresses a new paradigm in leadership. It invites executives and executive teams to pivot from previous methodologies of top down or bottom up leadership and adopt a new approach that ensures leadership and organizational wellbeing.

   The principles of Leading from the Center include: deliberately creating effective teams, creating team and leadership cultures where membership, expectations, accountability, problem solving and communication rest with the group, and creating a dynamic that promotes longevity and group commitment to the organization and the team members. At the core of our principles are team culture, trust and honesty, and shared core values.

   Leading from the Center also allows Senior Executive Team leaders to reexamine and refocus their endeavors and activities to a more distributed or share decision making model while retaining influence and responsibilities. This enables the identified leader to be focused, build stronger teams through mentoring and coaching and accomplish more with satisfaction.


Speaking at CASBO Annual conference

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